Hi! I’m Devan.

I help career focused millenial women find their superpowers and develop unapologetic self confidence in order to create a work-life blend that works.

Meet Devan

I am an ambitious, millennial woman with a ton of lofty goals, probably just like you. My biggest goal is to make a difference in this world by helping women see their value and reach their goals.

I have an undergraduate degree in communication, a graduate degree in organizational leadership and a certification in holistic life, career and executive coaching from the Goal Imagery Institute.

I am married to an active-duty soldier. I am a mom to a 5-year-old goldendoodle, a wild labradoodle, two mouthy, but adorable cats and A LOT of indoor plants (I might have an addiction).

My biggest strengths are my heart, loyalty, and wisdom. I genuinely believe that each of us are valuable and unique. There will never be another person like you or me. We are a compilation of different thoughts and experiences that will never be the same for any other person. Through my strengths and beliefs, I have the intuition and creativity I need to help others reach their goals.

Random Facts

I change my hair color quite often.
I am a Virgo and do fit most Virgo stereotypes.
I like to collect crystals and personal development books.
I have been training Muay Thai for the last 2 years.
I was the drumline captain in High school.
My husband and I got married on Valentine’s Day.

Want to know more? Connect with me on Instagram. DM me anytime! @developingwithdevan